Ghost Dawg

Ghost Dawg Ghost

Professionally known as ghostdawg an american music producer artist & songwriter

Latin: et docere et rerum exquirere causas to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things.”

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Check it out, you know how we do

Yo Yo
MC Ghost, The Braindrillerz

Still here Bitches
Drillz ON

Check this out, yeah
Let’s get it

We’re makin’ Riot, outrun,
Ain’t no fun “when the rabbit got the gun”

Riot beat came straight from the deep,
True dedication you can check my music sheet

I’ve been through things you can’t imaging,
I spit blood for this shit that I’m making,
Every single day every single night,
10 motherfucking years on the line!

So let’s start Riot!

Let’s start Riot!

Disobey, on my pathway.

Preach the peace but don’t stay in my way,
throughout the pain and resist the fire,
shutdown your thoughts we just getting higher.

System breaker we don’t need to show it
Different flavors can’t compete with those,

So feel the rhythm and turn up the vibes
It’s always a party when I’m on the mic

So let’s start Riot!

Let’s start Riot!