Ghost Dawg® 

Ghost Est August 12, 1989, Born In Paramaribo, Suriname known professionally as Ghostdawg is an Dutch Artist, Master Of Ceremony, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Promoter Author, Producer, Founder, A&R Business Owner & Publisher

His Biggest idols Are Tupac B.I.G Koolio, Eazy E and Many more from listening to them and admiring there Lifestyle he kept the energy alive to acomplish what he wanted to do.

#Ghost Go Hard Stay True™

Staying true to yourself is a matter of personal integrity and self-respect.It involves standing up for your own values and not caving into the demands or expectations of others.


Being true to yourself can lead to independence, confidence, happiness, an ability to navigate through life more effectively, leading to a sense of fulfillment that you’ve given your best self to the world.

Weed Song© 

Hardcore is our therapy! Listen to it. Dance on it. Let its beat control your body and you will get addicted to it! Tommyknocker and Braindrillerz teamed up with MC Ghost, a natural born hip hop MC, to bring out a highly crafted Hardcore track.

Excellence happens at the intersection between different visions. It is no coincidence that “Weed song” was conceived through the blend of Tommyknocker’s mainstream style and Brandirllerz drillkore attitude. Both artist are going through some stuff. Finding themselves in the same situation, this track came naturally but it took almost 1 year to fine tune it.

“Weed song”, with its mellow ambient intro as well as its central break and its unique rhythm, offers something new to the Hardcore panorama. The rest is pure roughness, with overdriven main scritches, quaking baselines and thundering snares. Music unites people. Hardcore unites the hard-headz!

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